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It all began with a dream.

While attending college at East Central University in 2001, Dustin Sorrels, founder and owner of Beaver Creek Construction, wanted to find a way to move out of his rental and into a home he could call his own. Tired of watching his hard-earned dollars support someone else's future, he knew it was time to begin investing. That was the summer it all began and a foundation for Beaver Creek Construction was built.

Summer break is well-known for being a college student’s time to relax. Dustin was an exception. He saw an opportunity to build his dream into a reality. 

June 9, 2001, Dustin married his beautiful bride Vanessa and together they built the first Beaver Creek Construction home. August 2001, the couple moved into that home. Looking back, Dustin describes their first home as simple, with room to grow.

Sorrels Wedding Day
Sorrels First Home Built
Graduation Day for Dustin at East Central University

Dustin and Vanessa knew they wanted to return to their roots of Marlow, Oklahoma. In 2007, they sold their home and made the move to where the second Beaver Creek Construction home was built.

Word started spreading as family and friends took note of Dustin’s talent and craftsmanship. He began what he thought would be a side-job of building shops and structures upon request. He quickly realized that he could turn his passion into a full-time career. 

In 2011, Dustin and Vanessa officially became the owners and founders of Beaver Creek Construction. They originally began their business with a goal of hoping to secure two of the four bids they had received. Luck was on their side, they received all four bids. This was the moment when they knew their dream had become a reality.

Since 2011, Dustin has made it his mission to build dreams into reality for Oklahomans through exceptional quality, design and services beyond construction. The floor plans of a Beaver Creek Construction structure are one-of-a-kind. Over the years the requests to own a floor plan of one of the many popular designs has grown in demand. Being able to offer floor plans to purchase is something that brings a lot of pride for Dustin. It has become a humble reminder of where it all began in the summer of 2001.

Beaver Creek Construction has built 400+ commercial and residential structures. 

Let's build your dream together. 

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