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Beaver Creek Construction specializes in steel-framed shops and barns.

We provide shingle and metal roofing to existing and new builds. We invite you to browse our full directory of popular blueprints of Beaver Creek Construction homes available for purchase. 

We are committed to offering competitive pricing on all services we provide. Pricing on materials changes daily.

Steel Framed Shop


Steel-framed shops are the perfect option for commercial, residential and agricultural use. Each steel framed shop is constructed with concrete, insulation, gutters, overhead garage door and main entry door. Exterior features of a steel framed shop are metal roofing and wall coverings.


Ready to begin the build of a Beaver Creek crafted steel framed shop? Contact us for a custom quote today.



Traditional wood-framed homes have been a classic choice throughout the years for many families. Every Beaver Creek traditional wood-framed home is framed completely with lumber. 
Every customer has the option to customize their traditional wood-framed home making it unique to them. 


Exterior custom options:

  • Brick

  • Concrete

  • Lumber

  • Vinyl siding

Roof custom options:

  • Metal

  • Shingle

Interior custom options:

  • Floor plan design 

  • Interior amenities


Browse our traditional wood-framed blueprints available for purchase or contact Beaver  Creek for a custom quote to begin your new build journey.​

Traditional Wood Frame Home


Shingle roofing can be installed on many different angles, shapes and forms of residential and commercial structures. We install shingle roofing to new and existing homes. Choosing Beaver Creek to install your shingle roof includes removal of the existing single layer roof, a dumpster for waste disposal, new roofing material and labor. We provide  a variety of colors and material grade levels to choose from to meet the needs of every customer.


Thinking about replacing or adding a shingle roof to your home? Contact us for a custom quote.

Shingle Roofing


Metal roofing can be installed to new and existing homes. Choosing a metal roof is a great option for a weatherproof, durable and long-lasting roof. Metal roofs have an expected lifespan of over 50 years.

When choosing a Beaver Creek metal roof, your home will be covered with a 26-gauge sheet metal and trim that has been rated as a class IV impact resistant material. A variety of metal roofing colors are available to customize the exterior look of your home.


Contact Beaver Creek Construction to discover more reasons why a metal roof is a good option for your home. 

Metal Roofing


Beaver Creek comes with a reputation for quality craftsmanship and builds. We realize some customers look to have a more hands-on approach when building their dream home. For this reason we have found that our customers have been pleased with our custom blueprint service. We offer blueprints of our most popular homes we have built over the years for purchase. If you would like to see something added to our blueprint directory, reach out directly to us today.

Floor Plans
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